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Why Cardinal?

Cardinal Buses Proudly Serves our Military Men & Women

Cardinal Buses proudly supports our men and women in uniform here and abroad.  It is our pride and priviledge to support our troops with military precision arrival and departure times.

Chartering a bus is the best option if you are transporting a large group of people to a single destination at the same time. The type of charter bus one rents is dependent upon the group's purpose. There are tour buses, limousine buses, and specialty charter buses similar to a school bus. A charter bus company can also charter a bus for military use.

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Cardinal Buses Meets the needs of U.S. Military Standards

Choosing the right charter bus for the U.S. Military entails several strict standards. Charter bus operators who wish to provide service to the Military are required to pass a rigorous safety inspection given every 2 years. It may become difficult locating a Department of Defense charter bus company that abides by military standards because of these measures. Going with Cardinal charter buses would be a good choice, in this case.

Cardinal Buses supports our military
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Cardinal Buses is an above standard charter bus company that has passed military inspection. The company proudly supports the U.S. Military troops by extending charter bus services for various purposes. Cardinal Buses has experience chartering buses for the Military for troop deployment, as well as transporting troops to their training areas.

Cardinal Meets Strict Standards of the Department of Defense

The Department of Defense's (DOD) Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) sets the standards of service for carriers transporting DOD passengers. Only DOD-approved charter carriers are allowed to transport DOD passengers. A charter bus company has to pass a pre-qualification inspection as well as a facility, terminal, and equipment inspection. As mentioned earlier, Cardinal Buses has passed military inspection. Cardinal bus company ensures only the best and safest transportation for the U.S. Military.

So if you're having trouble securing a DOD-certified charter bus , the ideal choice for procuring a charter bus would be Cardinal Buses whom you can entrust the safe travel of America's brave men and women.

For those soldiers completing duty, Cardinal Buses encourages you to come and apply for a driving position.  We support our troops both on and off active and reserve duty and want to see the very best for our service men and women and their families.