10 Top Tips To Make Your Bus Trip Go Smoothly

Coach bus travel is a reputable, safe, and quick way to get to a far-off destination. It’s also incredibly environmentally friendly. Charter buses achieve 206.6 passenger miles per gallon compared to hybrid cars, which only get 46 passenger miles per gallon. Because charter buses have the ability to remove 55 vehicles from the highways, bring tourism spending to multiple destinations, and are a comfortable way to travel, you should definitely consider traveling by a coach bus.

Below are some tips that will help your long distance trip even more enjoyable!

1. Take time to plan your tip. Work with us to make sure your charter bus outcomes are clear.

2. Avoid selecting a seat that may have you directly under the television, speakers, or restrooms if you require a quiet drive.

3. Try bringing healthy snacks! You may want to select use to eat snacks like, protein bars, crackers and plenty of water.

4. Dress in layers. It can get chilly with the air conditioning, so consider packing socks, closed toed shoes, and a light sweater.

5. Bring a pillow or a neck rest! If you want to nod off, you will be thankful.

6. If you are going on a scenic drive, ask ahead of time what side of the bus is best to sit on. Plus if you book a window seat you can watch the scenery go by!

7. If you are traveling through the mountains and are sensitive to heights, sit in an aisle seat.

8. Bring the necessities. Hand sanitizer, tissues, and pens are always a good idea.

9. Bring things to keep yourself occupied! Our buses can accommodate charging your electronics, so don’t forget smartphones, tablets, pen and paper, and books! We offer WiFi as well.

10. Pack like you are going on an airplane. More often than not you will have to put your large bags underneath the bus, so it is a good idea to keep all your valuables and necessities in a smaller bag that you can hold up in your seat.

Charter buses are a fantastic mode of travel, so plan to enjoy your ride with Cardinal!