3 Pre-Travel Tips to Help You Relax on Your Vacation

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get in the days leading up to your long-awaited vacation. It’s been years since you’ve had time off, and you’re looking forward to seeing your favorite place and putting your feet up. Except you get so excited for your trip that you forgot to lock your door, or you left the stove on, or something else that fills your vacation with worry.

Rewind a little bit. You’re still at home, there’s still a day or two until you leave, everything is okay. It was just a drill. There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about your vacation, but you don’t want to drop the ball either. So, to help you help yourself by helping this vacation go smoothly, here are some pre-travel tips.

Secure Travel Accomodations

Long before your trip, you should prepare your travel accommodations. If you’re traveling overseas, then you will want to book your plane ticket(s) and any travel needs while in the country as well, such as tour bus tickets, ferry tickets, etc. If you’re staying within the country, you might travel via motorcoach or drive yourself in which case you’ll need to purchase your tickets or update any driver info. If you’re concerned about environmental pollution, then you might consider taking a motorcoach. Each full-sized bus is equivalent to removing 55 vehicles from the road, which reduces congestion, energy use, and emissions.

Take Your Documents

If you’re traveling via coach bus, plane, or train, then you should make sure you have your tickets available and on your person. That includes your tickets for your trip home as well. You should also be sure to have your updated passport (if you need it), your driver’s license, vaccination card (if necessary), and travel insurance policy. You can keep these items in a travel wallet or waterproof bag to keep them safe on your journey, or you can scan them and bring copies.

Create a Checklist

Some people are able to create mental lists and adhere to them quite nicely, but maybe you’re not one of those people. So, to ensure that you don’t wake up in a cold sweat on your trip and realize you never let the cat back inside before you left, create a physical checklist of things you need to do. Your checklist might include what you need to pack (included the aforementioned items such as tour bus tickets, passports, etc) and tasks you need to complete before you leave. Those tasks could be making sure all bills are paid, turning the water off in your home, shutting and locking all windows, setting the alarm, dropping the cat off at a friend, and anything else that will prevent you from relaxing. You should create your list with plenty of time before your trip so you’re able to account for everything.

The purpose of your trip is to get away from it all, whether that means relaxing by the beach, sightseeing on a tour bus, or parasailing in the Bahamas. Just be sure to nail these pre-travel tips so you can focus on you during your vacation.

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