3 Reasons Taking a Charter Bus Is Better Than Flying

Best charter bus companiesTraveling can be stressful, especially if the destination is far away. When travel distances are long, many people opt to travel by airplane. They assume that it will save them time and money. However, the cost per person is significantly less when traveling by charter bus as opposed to airplane fares.

If you are looking for a charter bus for rent, look no further. We offer competitive rates on 1st class buses. Charter buses offer many advantages over several different types of travel, but especially flying. Here are three benefits that charter buses have that make them better than airplanes.

Direct Travel

Depending on the destination, direct flights are not often available. This means that valuable time, sometimes hours, can be wasted at an airport during a layover. Air travel also requires extra time due to baggage claims, security, and boarding, and none of that is an issue with charter buses. Airports are also only in specific locations throughout a state. When you land, you may have to rent a car and drive a long distance to get to your destination if it is not near an airport. Charter buses can take you exactly where you want to go.

More Comfortable Accommodations

Charter buses often supply many more comfortable accommodations than airplanes do. Airplanes have small windows that you can barely see out of, while buses have huge windows so sightseeing is possible. There is also much more storage space on a bus, so your carry on items do not have to be crushed in an overhead carry bin. Lastly, there is significantly more leg room on a charter bus than an airplane offers.

Environmentally Friendly

Motor coaches emit the lowest levels of carbon dioxide per passenger mile than any other form of transportation. Airplanes have very high cruising altitudes, and that requires a lot of fuel. Per gallon of fuel burned, the environmental impact of a plane is 1.9 times greater than that of a bus. Planes emit much higher levels of carbon dioxide than buses do, with the numbers reading 1.10 pounds and .18 pounds, respectively.

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