4 More Advantages of Taking a Bus for Your Travel Group

In the last post, you found out about some advantages to traveling by bus rather than car or plane. There are no security checkpoints or lines when you charter a bus, there are no additional baggage fees like you’d incur at an airport, your entire group arrives together, and you typically have much better Wi-Fi on a bus than you would on a plane.

Those aren’t the only advantages though and it would be a shame if you didn’t hear them all. So, here are a few more reasons to take a bus when traveling with a group.

Eco-friendly travel

It may seem counterintuitive that a bus is a form of eco-friendly travel but it is actually one of the greenest forms of ground transportation in the country. Every full motorcoach, as in full of people, has the potential of taking 55 vehicles off of the roads, which not only cuts energy use and reduces emissions, but it also helps alleviate traffic congestion. Moreover, charter buses also emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile in comparison to other modes of transportation.

Safe travels

Not only is it green, but traveling by bus is also one of the safest means of ground transportation in America. When it comes to your family, or whoever makes up your travel group, safety should be one of the top priorities for everyone involved.

Permanent “DD”

You and your travel group are out on vacation and want to have a good time. That also means getting from one place to another safely. Instead of voting on who gets to be the designated driver when you go out, you have a permanent one who is more than willing to take everyone from place to place on your trip. Whether you’re going to a wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, or just feel like having a good time, it’s important to do so safely with a charter bus.

Everything is first class

Traveling by bus provides numerous luxuries and amenities during your trip, including reclining chairs, DVD players, speakers, Wi-Fi, and much more. Instead of paying a couple of hundred dollars extra to fly first class, everyone in your group gets to feel like a million bucks on a charter bus.

If you’re looking for any more of a reason to rent a bus, then just ask the millions of satisfied people who choose rental bus services every day and contact CardinalBuses.com today!