4 Reasons to Choose a Motorcoach for a Class Field Trip

There are numerous reasons why one might want to charter a bus such as weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and more. Yet, one of the best reasons to rent a charter bus is for school field trips. Despite the fact that schools have the traditional yellow buses to get their students from A to B, there are many reasons why you might want to charter a bus for field trips.

Overnight trips

Many schools take an annual class trip to nearby cities such as New York City, Washington, D.C., or Chicago. For these overnight class trips, standard yellow buses really aren’t a practical or comfortable option. The entertainment and comfort that charter buses provide simply can’t be beat.


A school only has so many resources to expend for things like long-distance road trips. Of course, they have the traditional school buses that they can use, but these are often reserved for day-to-day school functions and overnight drivers aren’t always available. Rather than a school having to stretch their resources thin to accommodate something like a field trip, they can simply charter a bus. That way, they can still manage their daily operations without having to compromise.


If you can think back to the days when you road the school bus, it wasn’t very comfortable, was it? Renting a bus for field trips can be a great way to provide everyone onboard a comfortable means of transportation, especially for long-distance trips.


School bus drivers are exceptionally skilled and experienced drivers and they are entrusted to get school-aged children to their destinations. Yet, many of these drivers would find it difficult to operate and navigate a school bus in a foreign city or destination. Renting a motorcoach means you get an experienced driver who is familiar with different areas and local laws and restrictions for operating a large vehicle.


Once again, school bus drivers are more than capable of providing safe transportation for students. However, motorcoach drivers have to meet certain safety requirements and criteria and have years of experience providing safe transportation. That means students, parents, and teachers can relax during the trip and enjoy themselves as well.

Students, as well as seniors, accounted for 50.2% of passenger trips taken via motorcoach back in 2012. These buses and their drivers provide safe and convenient travel for all demographics but as a parent or administrator, you can rest assured knowing that your students are in good hands.

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