5 Benefits of Chartering a Bus

Buses have been a public form of transport for almost 200 years. They started in the 1820s with horse-drawn coaches, and then with the emergence of steam powered intercity buses 10 years later in England. They continue to be a very popular form of transport, accounting for 751 million passenger trips annually, which is more than some commercial airlines!

There are many benefits of bus travel. Here are five reasons to consider a bus charter today.

Organizing group travel can sometimes be exhausting. When you charter a bus, you will have fewer headaches because you will not have to worry about driving, carpooling, keeping track of everyone, getting gas, or parking. You only have to worry about showing up at your designated meeting point and get on board.

Environmentally Friendly
Motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile compared to any other method of transportation. They achieve 206.6 passenger miles a gallon while commuter rails reach 92.4 MPG, domestic airplanes get 44 MPG, and hybrid cars reach for 46 MPG. Additionally, because of the size of these buses, each full coach can potentially remove 55 vehicles from the highway. This cuts congestion, energy use, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Saves Money
Bus charters are not only environmentally conscious, they will help keep your wallet full! You will be saving money on gas, and since you will not be using your own car, you will save on the wear and tear of that vehicle. Chances are you’ll be traveling a longer distance than normally, so keeping those miles off your personal car is always a plus!

Staying in your car for a long trip can lead to cramped legs and no space to stretch out. Not to worry with charter buses, as they offer enough leg and arm room for a comfortable ride.

You choose the destination of your charter bus. No matter if you are looking for a ride to a hockey game with friends, to a family reunion, or to a concert, buses can go anywhere you choose. The possibilities are endless, so go pick a trip and have fun!

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