5 Events to Charter A Bus For

Charter a BusBuses have been used as a method of public transportation ever since the 1820s with horse-drawn buses. Steam-powered buses emerged about 10 years later in England and provided a way to travel around large cities. Fast forward to today, and over 751 million trips are taken annually on motorcoaches.

With their ability to be cost effective, fast, reliable, and convenient, it is a great idea to charter a bus the next time you have a major event. There are a lot of benefits of bus travel! Need some inspiration? Read on below.


Does a loved one go to college hours away? Do you have a lot of people who would like to make the trip up? Well, go charter a bus! Since graduation is an emotional time for everyone, take the stress out of the equation and let the bus driver lead the way and navigate the campus.

Family Reunion

Meeting your long lost relatives someplace far away? When you use a bus charter, you will be able to have everyone from your city stay together, show up together, arrive together, and leave together. There will be no worries about how the older members of your family will arrive and for those with mobility challenges, most charter bus companies have ADA accessible motor coaches to accommodate your loved ones transportation needs.

Corporate Team Building

Headed out to a team building event for your job? No matter if you’re going to a skiing resort, a baseball game, a volunteering activity, or a trampoline park, chartering a bus will make sure everyone gets there on time and stays in one place.

Team Events

Headed to a football, baseball  or soccer game with a group of friends? Traveling a few hours to grab a hockey game in a bigger city? Charter a bus so you do not have to worry about who is driving, where to park, and waking up early. Plus, if you are worn out after the game, you can fall asleep on the way home!

Airport Transfer

Navigating through an airport can be a struggle in and of itself not to mention daily parking fees and then once you get outside, you must figure out a way to get to your destination. Chartering a bus takes this hassle off of your hands, and will bring you to your destination with ease.

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