5 Outings Your Senior Group Can Take On a Charter Bus

Many seniors live in assisted living homes and while the facility itself can provide many activities, it is important to take residents on frequent group trips. Keep residents engaged and active by investing in charter bus rentals and taking them on one of these entertaining and engaging outings.

  1. Go to a class or workshop.
    It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and engaging seniors in new activities will keep their minds active. Rent a charter bus and take your senior group to a yoga class or pottery workshop. Try to encourage the homebodies of the group to go out of their comfort zone and try these new activities. When a person of any age learns or participates in something new, the neurons in the brain can make new connections.
  2. Plan a day outdoors.
    While your senior group will likely be unable to participate in intense outdoor activities like white water rafting or rock climbing, you can plan a trip to a lovely local park or nature preserve. At these outdoor locations, there will be trails for the more physically fit of the group to stretch their legs and picnic tables for those who prefer to sit back and enjoy the surrounding nature. You could also make bus rentals to take your group to the local botanical gardens or engage participants with green thumbs in a community tree planting initiative.
  3. Attend a special festival.
    Seasonal festivals are the heart of a community, and seniors love getting into the thick of the action. Arrange regular trips to art shows, craft fairs, farmers markets, and parades in your town or those nearby. These opportunities allow group home residents to feel involved in the larger community and to see new things.
  4. Visit a historical site.
    Historical tours are always an opportunity to learn and are typically very lowkey. Many tours are now given on Segways or buses, making mobility an easily-solved issue for your group. You could invest in charter bus rentals to take your senior group to local tourist attractions, like museums and art galleries. If participants are new to the area, they’ll be able to discover something new. Even if certain residents have lived in the town for decades, it’s likely that they never got the chance to visit certain attractions.

Every year, there are 751,000,000 passenger trips taken on motorcoaches. Use this easy form of transportation to take your group on a trip they won’t forget.