5 Things to Do When Planning a School Trip

There are two words that are sure to get any student excited: field trip. Getting out of the classroom for a day and having a more hands-on learning experience is proven to increase knowledge retention among students as well as make them more excited to learn.

But putting together these class trips may seem like a daunting task. To make sure that you don’t get too overwhelmed, here’s a step-by-step guide to make sure that your trip goes off without a hitch.


    1. Plan all of your stops ahead of timeThis is especially important for long journeys. From bathroom breaks to meals, or even a mini-stop along the way to your destination, these things should all be planned. Otherwise, your students will be making requests to stop left and right.
    2. Hand out itinerariesWhile you’ve likely told your students about all of the things that they are going to experience on the trip, some details are likely going to go over their heads. Hand out itineraries not only for them to keep track, but also for their parents. Also give them a list of things to pack so that they are prepared for any inclement weather or delays. Jackets and other layers, extra socks, an umbrella, and sunscreen are a good place to start for any trip at any time of the year. Check the forecast to see what may be the most appropriate.
    3. Lay down the ground rulesJust because you are outside the classroom does not mean that the rules have changed. In fact, being in an unfamiliar place often means that there are more rules to follow. Along with the itineraries, print out a list of rules for your students to follow in order to be respectful of the place you’re visiting.
    4. Choose your chaperones wiselyAny time you go on a class trip, there needs to be multiple chaperones in order to ensure that all of the children remain accounted for. In some cases, another teacher or administrator will be able to chaperone, but in most cases you may need to seek the help of a parent. Send out permission slips for the trip at least two to three weeks in advance (earlier depending on how big the trip will be), and open up the option to each parent. Of course, you should use your best judgement when it comes to picking your chaperones and only choose those who you deem responsible.
    5. Secure reliable transportationWhen it comes to long trips with more than one class of students, it is wise to look into the possibility of hiring charter bus services to transport your group. Students and seniors alone made up 50.2% of all motorcoach transportation in 2012. Chartering a bus or two will allow you to have a more comfortable riding experience and also provide amenities to keep your class occupied en route to their destination.

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