Are Charter Buses still a Great Way to Travel?

For all the hype about air travel, “stay-cations”, and the increased fuel efficiency of modern automobiles… there’s still no substitute for charter bus rentals when it comes to traveling. If you thinking about getting a group together for a sporting event, or just a general outing, charter buses are a great way to travel, especially in terms of comfort, reliability, and affordability. Especially when you consider that someone else is doing the driving! The passengers are free to mingle and get to know each other, so even the transit time is not wasted.

  • The Places: While many destinations are obvious favorites for charter bus lines (Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Broadway, etc.), patrons can custom design a trip to virtually anywhere, for whatever reason. Many companies even offer predesigned packages, which patrons can either take advantage of outright, or use as inspiration for their own personalized tour or trip.
  • The People. Anyone can charter a bus, from school groups to senior homes and every age in between.      Corporate retreats can be held anywhere through the use of charter bus lines. Church groups can plan their outings with the greatest of ease.  Even professional sports teams and of course high school teams can utilize      charter buses to make sure they get to their games on time, rested and ready to go.
  • The Buses. Picturing an old yellow school bus with uncomfortable seats and poor ventilation? Not anymore! The modern charter bus is practically a luxury hotel on wheels. Charter bus lines today offer reclining seats, comfortable and clean restrooms, DVD players, air conditioning, and even free WiFi. Getting there is a vacation in and of itself! Plus modern buses are far better for the environment – utilizing hybrid technology, fuel cells, and even bio-diesel and leaving a very low per person carbon footprint.

Sometimes the journey can be every bit as exciting and rewarding as the destination. The ease, affordability, and reliability of charter bus lines let passengers start their vacations right away, from the moment they step on the bus. Rather than being just a means of transportation, bonds are formed, friendships are deepened, and the passenger and staff laughter and fun are shared by all! And that’s all before you even get to where you’re going.