Charter Buses Are the Most Affordable Travel Option For Summer Vacationers

Even though many Americans have already planned out their summer vacations or gone on them, travelers may find that taking a second look at their plans could result in saving a substantial amount of money. The economy is on the mend and many families are finding that a little bit of extra income allows for an annual summer vacation — but this doesn’t mean that the majority of vacationers completely disregard the financial aspect of summer trips. Articles about saving money on vacation are running rampant on social media forums and news outlets, but few articles focus on more affordable ways of traveling.

For vacationers who are staying in the country, traveling on a charter bus service is one of the easiest ways to save money. Charter buses (also called coach buses) are used for carrying groups of passengers on trips — a little bit like a normal school bus, but much more comfortable and convenient. Charter buses often run on regular schedules and sell individual tickets, but many bus companies offer coach bus rentals for specific trips as well. Many people may be familiar with charter bus rentals from taking extended field trips during high school, but not many people are aware that renting a charter bus for a family or group vacation is not only possible, but extremely easy and affordable.

What are the benefits of renting a charter bus?


  • Charter buses are actually the cheapest way to travel today, whether passengers are taking short trips or cross-country road trips. Pricing methods vary between companies, but one thing is certain — once the trip has begun, prices don’t change unless there is a major departure from the original itinerary. Passengers never have to worry about paying for gas or emergency maintenance fees or in many cases, tolls.
  • A certified professional CDL qualified driver is provided by the company. This is extremely beneficial for people who need to travel long distances, and worry about falling asleep at the wheel.
  • Many buses come equipped with modern amenities like bathrooms, reclining seats, and wi-fi capabilities, allowing passengers to spend less time (and money) at rest stops along the way. Every passenger arrives at the destination on time and completely rested.
  • Time is money, and bus companies are dedicated to making sure that travelers don’t waste either one. Unlike flying, there’s no extra fee for bringing luggage, and passengers don’t have spend time waiting in long TSA security lines.

Many travelers don’t immediately think of renting a charter bus when planning vacations, but this option is certainly worth some research. Even travelers who have planned vacations already may find that the amount of money saved by renting a charter bus is worth re-planning a summer trip.