Charter Buses Versus Regular Cars: Which is Better for the Environment?

In today’s world, most people are at least a little bit earth-conscious and will look for eco-friendly ways to do just about anything. Yet, one of the biggest things they can do to help the environment is to take their vehicles off of the road. Of course, that won’t work for a variety of reasons. However, there are occasions where you can leave the car at home and take a more environmentally-friendly option.

Next time you plan on going somewhere, consider charter bus rentals. Here’s why:

Clean fuel and efficiency

One of the key factors that make chartering a bus so eco-friendly is the type of fuel that they use. Charter buses tend to run on diesel fuel, which is a much cleaner fuel type compared to gas and has much better fuel efficiency. On top of that, charter buses carry more than one person and therefore take multiple vehicles off of the road, which reduces emissions and greenhouse gases.

Cost analysis per passenger

If you try to compare a tiny compact car to a charter bus, chances are you’re going to take the car for eco-friendliness. Before you do, consider the numbers. Say that a car gets 32 miles to the gallon and a charter bus only gets nine, the scale still seems pretty tipped, right? Now think about the number of people traveling. Average one person in the car compared to between 30 and 50 people in a motorcoach, and that MPG doesn’t seem so bad after all. Then consider the price. It costs more per person to go 100 miles in a car than it does in a charter bus, significantly more. Not to mention that only one motorcoach, spending a single night somewhere, brings in as much as $11,660 for the local economy in things like lodging, meals, and other expenses.

You might not charter a tour bus to go to work every day, but you should still consider the option next time you’re going just about anywhere else. Taking a tour bus for a school field trip, bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding, vacation, or any other event can help the environment immensely.

If you’re looking to travel comfortably and with minimal impact on the environment, call us today.