Five Reasons To Travel Via Coach Bus Whenever Possible

As an American consumer and traveler, you have plenty of options available to you today when you need to get somewhere: planes, trains, coach buses, and even driving a passenger car yourself. Even though gas prices fell considerably at the end of 2014 — leading many economic experts to predict that travelers would be more likely to drive their own cars or take (more affordable) flights — it’s becoming clear that travelers still prefer coach and charter bus services over other transportation options.

If you’re one of the millions of travelers and you’re trying to figure out which travel option is the best one for you, here are a handful of reasons why you would definitely benefit from hopping on your nearest coach bus line:


    1. Extremely affordable: Lower gas prices have an effect on the bus industry, too! And even when gas costs start to rise again (which will inevitably happen at some point), buses often tend to be much more affordable because they can transport multiple passengers while using as little gas as possible.
    2. Eco-friendliness: Speaking of gas usage, coach buses are easily the best option out there if you’re concerned about your own carbon footprint. According to government data, buses get more passenger miles per gallon than any other vehicle on the road today.
    3. New technology: Furthermore, because engineers are constantly working with bus lines to reduce carbon emissions, hybrid buses and electric buses are likely to appear on the roads sooner than you think — in fact, many public transportation lines in Europe have already successfully begun incorporating these ultra-green buses into their systems.
    4. Convenience: Many people choose to travel via bus to get to Canada, although this factor really is applicable to anyone traveling within the U.S. too, because it’s just simpler and faster, compared to the hassles of airports and airplane security. There are no surprise fees with your baggage (“I have to pay $50 more because my suitcase is two pounds over the limit?!”) and you don’t have to deal with the stuffiness of tight airplane seats.
    5. No stress about driving: If you’re someone prone to frustration with other drivers on the road or someone who would be utterly lost if you got a flat tire, then buses are the way to go. Whether you’re traveling in a group, you never have to deal with the stress of driving for hours on end and you never have to worry about how to handle surprise breakdowns on the road (which, if we’re being honest, is tough to handle emotionally and mentally unless you’re actually a seasoned driver).

If you’ve never traveled by bus before, now might just be the perfect time to call up your local coach bus transportation service and see what they have to offer!