Get Entertained on Your Next Charter Bus Ride!

Charter buses have been used as a popular method of transport since the early 1820s. Nowadays, they account for 751,000,000 passenger trips taken annually — that’s more passengers than what some commercial airlines could handle!

Taking a coach bus to your destination is a highly efficient method of transportation, but do may not realize that charter bus trips are entertaining as well! Read on for some creative ideas that will keep you entertained during your next chartered bus ride!

Bring your laptop computer or tablet

Many passengers don’t know that the secret gem of our coach buses is that they come with free WiFi! You can stream movies from the Internet, stay current on social media, and even catch up on work if you have to.

ABC Scavenger Hunt

Keep your mind active and make up a scavenger hunt from your window. The instructions are easy; you must find something that starts with every letter of the alphabet. When that is done, look for different letter shapes in nature. You could find H’s in scaffolding, L’s in different bushes alongside the roads, or M’s in the clouds.

Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are all the rage lately. Grab a couple, bring a packet of colored pencils, and go to town! Doing so will not only melt away the stress, but you will get so caught up in creating a masterpiece that you will not even realize how much time has flown by.


Sleeping on the bus can be great, but only if you bring the right supplies. Make sure to bring a small pillow, an eye mask, headphones to block out the noise, and a blanket if you tend to get cold.

Learn something new

Whether you are in a foreign country and want to brush up on your skills, want to learn how to knit, or have the urge to master a DIY project, a coach bus trip is the best place to do it! Oftentimes, these activities require a quiet mind and lots of time reading, so you can slot some time to really concentrate on what you want to learn.

Keep these tips in mind, and your next charter bus trip will be highly entertaining!