How Charter Buses Can Play an Important Role in Getting Your Favorite Sports Team to the Stadium on Time

If you’re the coach or manager of a high school, college or even professional sports team, chartering a bus can be a great way to save money while ensuring all of your players arrive at your competitors’ stadiums or fields on time and rested.

notre dame golden dome

The benefits of chartering a bus for your sports team:

  • Motor coaches are comfortable, providing your players a chance to relax and/or focus on their game strategies.
  • Your players will be able to bond together as a team before and after your game.
  • Charter buses have restrooms
  • Motor coaches often have public address systems, making it easy to “rally the troops” before you arrive at your opponent’s field or stadium.
  • You know where your players are; no stress worrying if they will make it the opposing team’s facilities on time.
  • Motor coach company drivers are professional. Leave the stress of finding the venue to them, not to your coach or team managers — they have enough on their mind as it is.
  • All of your team’s equipment arrives with you — not in one or more mini-vans that may or may not arrive at the same time as the team.
  • You needn’t worry about the logistics of travel. Just tell the charter bus company where you need to go and when you need to be there and leave the rest to them!
  • If traveling by air, you needn’t worry that all of your team members will make it to your flight on time. Simply have them picked up at your school and the charter bus company will get them to the airport on time. No more worrying about parking hassles, dealing with lost luggage or, worse, lost equipment.
  • Eat onboard. Many charter motorbus companies, including Cardinal Bus Lines, allow their guests to eat and drink on board. Win the game and want to celebrate with a bit of bubbly? Go right ahead on Cardinal’s buses — just so long as your libations come in cans instead of glass bottles or kegs.

Sports team logistics can be very stressful and complicated. Why add another task to your “to do” list when you don’t have to? Contact Cardinal Bus Lines today to learn more about how we can make your travel to and from your sporting events a true game changer!