How Coach Bus Companies Provide More Than Just Passenger Trips

Many people know that coach buses are some of the best options for hassle-free travel; with great features like on-board bathrooms and Wi-Fi, and without the stress of actually driving the vehicle yourself, traveling on a bus is easily one of the most comfortable ways to travel. But you might be surprised to find out that coach bus companies play an even bigger role in the transportation industry — for example…

    1. Fuel Efficiency: Eco-friendly travel options aren’t always easy to come by, and if you’re really conscious of your carbon footprint, you might end up abstaining from traveling altogether. Many travelers don’t realize that coach bus companies are actually extremely eco-friendly — more so than nearly every other form of public transportation, in fact. Coach buses provide an average of 206 passenger miles per gallon of gas, while commuter rail lines provide 92, domestic airplanes provide 44, and single-passenger vehicles provide about 27. On average, coach bus transportation is about three times more efficient than rail lines and six times more than public transit buses, in terms of reduced carbon emissions.
    2. Focus on Local Economies: Tourism is a major part of the overall American economy and it plays a huge role in many smaller economies across the country as well. Even if passengers travel across multiple states, they’re supporting more local economies than they realize. The coach bus industry is comprised of about 3,400 individual bus companies — most of which are small businesses that employ local residents — and which operate an estimated 33,400 buses. Just keeping these bus lines in full operation also keeps thousands of Americans employed. In terms of boosting local tourism, local bus services can be incredibly valuable; one single motorcoach can infuse a local economy with up to $11,660 from food, lodging, and entertainment — just in one night.

Regardless of how often or how far you travel, one thing is clear: coach bus transportation is definitely one of the most important parts of the transportation industry today.