How Taking a Charter Bus is Greener Than Most Other Types of Group Travel

56 Passenger Charter Bus

Did you know that a bus emits about the same CO2 as four cars? (From

Let’s do some math here:

Let’s say you charter a 56-passenger bus from Cardinal Bus Lines and fill it to capacity. Let’s also say that if you hadn’t chartered this bus, your 56 friends would have driven themselves. If each had driven alone, it would have taken just 14 buses to emit the same amount of carbon as the 56 autos. If your friends drove four to a car (totaling 14 cars) they still would have emitted almost four times the amount of CO2 as they would have if they’d traveled together in one of our buses.

And they probably would have had a much better time, as well.

Imagine it. Charter a bus with your nearest and dearest and you can engage in sing-along’s, play charades (sitting down), eaten together.and even indulged in some alcoholic libations (so long as the drinks came in cans).

Can you do that (legally) in a car?

Before resting our case, a little more fun facts on how “green” charter bus travel is:

  • says that a full coach in the U.S. is the equivalent to taking 55 cars off the road.
  • A bus provides about 206.6 passenger miles per gallon. Compare that the average passenger MPG of 27.2 for passenger vehicles. It’s even double that of commuter rail (92.4 MPG). Your favorite domestic air carrier achieves 44 passengers MPG.
  • Even if two travelers use a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle, a bus trip will cut their trip emissions in half.

Still not convinced? How about this green “fun fact:” The Union of Concerned Scientists (a group based in Cambridge, Massachusetts) recently reported in “Getting There Greener: The Guide to Your Lower Carbon Vacation” recommends motor coach travel, saying that “[a] couple traveling by motor coach will generate nearly 50 percent less global warming pollution than they would driving a hybrid car.”

Bus travel also is much less expensive than taking a plane (as well as much “greener”). Depending on where you’re headed, bus travel also can be less expensive than driving.

So the next time you need to travel a long distance, seriously consider taking the bus!