How to Organize a Successful Charter Bus Vacation Trip

One of the most economic and ergonomic ways to enjoy a major family outing is to hit the road. After all, plane tickets can get pricey very quickly, and the open road presents a number of exciting possibilities at every exit. But if you’ve got a large and extended family, you simply can’t all cram into Dad’s Honda Odyssey and hope for the best.

This is where the idea of charter bus rentals can enter the picture. Think about it: a successful getaway requires plenty of planning, plenty of space for people to spread out and plenty of amenities along the route. You can find all those things (and more) on a charter bus, especially one that has multiple TV monitors and a DVD player not mention free WiFi! Talk about 21st-century innovation!

The planning process can sound daunting at first. Though it sounds like a lot of work, with a little pre-planning on the internet or with industry professionals, you can plan a vacation with last memories! Keep these three tips in mind as you begin to plot out the movements of your grand family vacation symphony.

Look online at various charter bus companies.

Once you’ve picked a destination, start looking into the bus companies that can take you there from your region. Pay special attention to customer reviews and referrals, vehicle fleet sizes and standard amenities. If you have family in other geographic locations, talk to your bus charter company about making additional stops to accommodate those family members.

Research your the safety of your charter bus company.

Bus charters are amongst the safest means of travel in the United States.  Check out your charter bus company in advance by using great government tools such as the Safety and Fitness Records System website at  or the FMCSA Analysis and Information Online website

Make the reservations plenty in advance.

Charter bus rentals typically need to be made at least three months in advance, though sometimes that waiting period can be as much as six months to a year. Contact your family members and ask about their availability and what works best, but don’t try to accommodate everyone as there can always conflicting schedules. Instead, focus on what’s best for the majority.

At the very least, always make sure you give yourself plenty of time to do the planning. It can be stressful at times (as any vacation planning endeavors can be), but remember the end result is the family bonding, memorable pictures and stories to tell for years to come! Good luck, and safe travels!