How to Pick a Charter Bus Business

When people think about buses, they usually think of the bright yellow vehicles that transport children to and from school — you know, the ones on which the wheels go ’round and ’round. But did you know that some buses, called double-decker coaches, can hold up to 300 people? 

These buses are rare, however, and single-decker buses make up the majority of the buses on the road today. Not all of them are filled with grade schoolers, either. Coach buses can be used for tourism, senior citizen groups, church groups, promotional purposes, entertainment tours, and political campaigns.

Buses have come a long way since the early horse-drawn varieties introduced in the 1820s, and you may find that charter bus transportation is what you need for a school or group outing. How to choose the right charter bus company? Follow the tips below to find a good charter bus rental:

1. Motor coaches are the safest vehicles on the road, but it’s still a good idea to check safety records for the particular bus company you’re considering. Ask a charter business for detailed records of accident reports for the last several years. Also, inquire about insurance and how it protects riders on the bus. Look over business licenses, certifications, and other information. The best charter bus transportation business has no problem offering safety information.

2. Think about the size of charter bus you want to rent. Smaller coaches with 30 or more seats are ideal for group outings and functions. Larger buses are a good option for school trips and longer rides. Larger buses can be more comfortable as well. Senior citizens and other adults who are traveling by bus for pleasure trips will enjoy the room and the comfortable seating.

3. Amenities and extras are another factor to consider when choosing a charter bus business. Some charter buses have WiFi Internet, DVD players, extra large seating, spacious storage, and television screens. These amenities turn a long and boring trip into a comfortable and enjoyable adventure. Television screens and DVD players are also optimal to keep children calm and happy during a trip. Reclining seats, headrests, and armrests make trips comfortable too, and so do passenger controlled heating and cooling systems. Last but certainly not least? On-board restrooms, which means the buses need to make fewer stops.

4. Of course, most people will need to take costs into account when they are planning a bus trip. Some charter bus businesses ask for a flat rental fee. This fee includes the use of the bus for the given rental period. Drivers, amenities, mileage, and fuel are included in the cost. Other types of charter bus rentals charge based on mileage. This means renters pay a set fee for every mile the charter bus travels. Rental fees based on mileage are a good choice for short trips, while basic rental charges are optimal for long or lengthy adventures.