How to Plan the Family Reunion of Your Dreams

Planning a family reunion can be stressful. There can be so much to worry about such as: finding a location, figuring out travel plans, deciding what to eat, who to invite, etc. Planning the perfect family reunion surely takes a lot of time and effort, but if you take the right steps, planning can be a breeze. Here are a few ideas when it comes to planning your picture perfect family reunion.

First, deciding on a date and location should be one of the first steps you complete. Because there will most likely be a good amount of people, finding out when everyone will be available is crucial to not leaving anyone out and getting everyone on the same page.

Next, try to find volunteers to overlook one aspect of the event. Delegate a person to handle finances, one for lodging, one to make decisions about food, entertainment, reservations and RSVPs, and more. It helps to make a list of everything to be done, break it into sections, and find volunteers for each section.

Decide on a proper budget. This may be a bit uncomfortable, but talking finances early in the planning process can eliminate and confusion further down the road. Budgets are best decided as a whole, then broken down into amounts for each person to pay.

Figuring out travel plans early in the process can also eliminate any stress or confusion as the date approaches. If enough people are coming from the same area, consider renting a coach bus or charter rental. Coach bus transportation is cheap, easy, reliable, and fun, and traveling with your family will surely make for some priceless memories. Plus, for over 14 million rural U.S. residents, motorcoaches are the only available mode of public intercity transportation service, going where air and rail do not.

Send frequent reminders to guests about approaching dates and deadlines. With such a large group, it can be hard to maintain the expected level of communication.

Finally, make sure your family reunion will have something for everyone. From mementos to games and activities and telling stories, everyone should be willing and eager to participate.

Planning a family reunion may be overwhelming and stressful, but it is absolutely worth it. You’re sure to make unforgettable memories and bond with extended family members you may not have seen in years, or maybe have never even met. Try not to stress too much over the little things. Most of all, have fun!