Need A Study Break? Plan A Much-Needed College Day Trip

A typical week in college consists of classes, studying, meetings, work, and sleeping when you can fit it in. An easy way to take a break from this endless schedule of obligations is to plan a day trip over the weekend. Get a group together, rent a charter bus, and choose the perfect destination.

Why Rent A Charter Bus Instead Of Carpool?

Even when your group is small enough to fit in a couple of cars, renting a charter bus has many more advantages. Most importantly, it eliminates the stress of driving. You don’t have to be concerned with following the directions, finding parking spots, and staying awake during the potentially long drive. The best way to get the most out of a day trip is to leave early in the morning and come back later at night. When you rent a charter bus you can sleep both ways and know that a professional driver is taking care of the transportation. Renting a charter bus is also more environmentally friendly, as a fully loaded charter bus is about five times more fuel efficient as a fully loaded car.

Go To An Amusement Park

The perfect day trip is packed with fun, and that’s exactly what is offered at any amusement park. You and your friends can spend the weekend riding rollercoasters, going down waterslides, and floating down a lazy river. Look up the nearest amusement park or water park and if it’s within a four or five hour driving distance, book the trip. Check the park’s website for group discounts or student prices for additional savings.

Take A Trip To The Big City

If your campus is located in a college town in the middle of nowhere, you and your peers may be itching for some city excitement. Pick a sprawling metropolis that’s a few hours away from your college, and start planning things to do. If the group has different ideas of what their perfect day in the city is, offer different activities. One group could go to the theatre to see a matinee, another could visit an art museum, and some people may want to embrace their free spirits and wander around. Look for group or student prices for the show and museum, make sure that everyone knows when and where the charter bus will depart, and get a much-needed change of pace.

Venture Into Nature

On the flip side, perhaps your college is too metropolitan and everyone needs to get out into open green spaces. Find a good hiking trail or rock climbing spot in the area and let the adventurers go free. Seasonal activities, like apple or strawberry picking, are also a good way to let other students get in touch with their natural side without requiring so much physical exertion.
Each year, motorcoaches account for approximately 751,000,000 passenger trips. When you travel on a bus you free yourself from the responsibilities of driving and can focus on planning the best day trip possible.