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  • 5 Tips To Mastering Bus Travel During The Holidays

    The holidays are meant to be a joyous time when you’re reunited with your family and are able to celebrate everyone being together. However, getting to your Christmas destination can be less joyous. Many families tend to fly, but that leaves airports overcrowded and flights […]

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  • Unique Employee Outings That Can Use Bus Charter Services

    The daily monotony of the corporate world can work to wear down the joyful spirit of your employees, but you can bring that spirit right back up by planning fun events that they’ll love. The biggest complication with these kinds of events is often how […]

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  • spring break

    3 Reasons Why Bus Travel Is Better For The Holidays

    Everyone knows the chaos of traveling by plane for the holidays. Flights are constantly delayed or canceled, there are masses of frustrated passengers, and in the instance you can actually get on a plane, they’re packed and uncomfortable. While traveling by bus may not be […]

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  • charter bus features

    The Top Features To Look For In Your Next Charter Bus Rental

    Traveling by bus is not the uncomfortable journey it was just a couple of decades ago. With modern technology and innovative features, the charter buses of today are outfitted with almost anything you could need for a luxuriously comfortable ride. The next time you need […]

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  • Charter bus trips

    5 Outings Your Senior Group Can Take On a Charter Bus

    Many seniors live in assisted living homes and while the facility itself can provide many activities, it is important to take residents on frequent group trips. Keep residents engaged and active by investing in charter bus rentals and taking them on one of these entertaining […]

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  • Cardinal Buses

    How To Stay Comfy When Traveling By Bus

    You’re getting ready for a long trip of traveling by bus, but you remember how incredibly uncomfortable you were the last time you rode a bus for hours. Motorcoaches are one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel, as they emit the least carbon dioxide […]

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  • charter bus

    Try These 5 Fun Games To Stay Entertained on Your next Charter Bus Trip

    Going on a road trip can be exciting, but the long drive can sometimes be challenging. If you are using bus charter services, then you don’t have any of the responsibilities surrounding driving or navigation.  Next time you’re traveling by bus charter services and need […]

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  • Cardinal Buses field trips

    The Ultimate Field Trip Checklist (For Teachers And Parents!)

    Whether this is the first field trip you’re sending your kids on or you’re an old pro at preparing the kids for a field trip, a checklist never hurts. There always seems to be one thing that you forget to pack or do beforehand that […]

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  • bus trip

    Trip Tips: What You Need To Do For Your Class’s Next Bus Trip

    As the school year gets started, and you are gearing up to take the kids in your class on a trip that they’ll remember for years to come. Whether you’re taking them to a sports game, a historical house in town, or for an overnight […]

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  • Cardinal Charter Buses

    Need A Study Break? Plan A Much-Needed College Day Trip

    A typical week in college consists of classes, studying, meetings, work, and sleeping when you can fit it in. An easy way to take a break from this endless schedule of obligations is to plan a day trip over the weekend. Get a group together, […]

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