Six Helpful Hints for Planning Group Trips

Group trips can either be sources of great entertainment and excitement, or great stress and frustration — sometimes, confusingly, all at the same time. If you’re going on a group trip soon, regardless of where you’re going or what you’re doing, here are a few pre-trip tips that will make everything a whole lot smoother:


  1. Make seating and rooming arrangements ahead of time.
    This one might not be too important if you’re traveling with a group of (responsible and mature) adults, but it’s absolutely essential if you’re planning a school trip.
  2. Pack snacks.
    One word: “hangry,” meaning “hungry and therefore angry.” The word itself is fairly new, but the concept of being hangry is definitely nothing new. And a group full of hangry travelers makes for a miserable trip, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing.
  3. Remember that the entire group won’t be together the whole time
    which is why you shouldn’t stress out about your group having different interests or sightseeing tours. Breaking into smaller groups is often a much better way to manage traveling with a large group, as long as you have group leaders who make sure that no individual is left out (or left behind).
  4. Group rates are really, really great.
    On everything from museum tours to hotel reservations to charter bus rental services, you’ll find really good prices for larger groups. The key here is to plan your trip well enough in advance that each destination or service can accommodate your group size.
  5. Designate some “free time” in your schedule.
    While it’s important to plan out your group trip as thoroughly as possible, it’s just as important to remember that an hour or two of free time can be invaluable for regrouping and re-energizing.
  6. Travel options.
    Having reliable transportation to and from your destination, along with transportation to different locations throughout the trip, are factors that make coach bus rentals the best option for group trips. Not only do bus companies provide experienced drivers for the trip, along with coach buses that have extra features like on-board bathrooms and wi-fi capabilities, but one of the best features of coach bus transportation is that the bus will be available for your group throughout the entire trip.