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    5 Ways to Minimize Your Business Trip Expenses

    Planning business trips can be a headache, especially if you’re the person in charge of coordinating the trip for everyone on your team. You may have to book flights, transportation, make reservations, all on top of worrying about having a successful meeting or convention. If […]

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  • charter bus for group travel

    4 Motorcoach Accessible Destinations for Your Next School Trip

    Planning your school trips can be difficult. There are always more interesting locations that you can take your students where they can really experience all the joy learning has to offer. At the same time, there are always budgeting concerns. If you’re looking for some […]

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  • Chartering a bus

    3 Ways to Save On Your Next Charter Bus Rental

    Those who are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to see the country often choose to rent a charter bus for means of transportation. After all, they’re inherently the least costly way to travel. While public transit costs 77 cents per passenger trip and […]

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  • Three Economic Benefits of Buses

    Three Economic Benefits of Buses

    Buses have been one of the most popular forms of public transportation since the early 1800s, and it might seem surprising that nearly 200 years later, local bus services and charter bus lines are still often the preferred form of transportation for millions of Americans. […]

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  • Seeing Vegas on a Budget – Free Attractions in Las Vegas

    Seeing Vegas on a Budget – Free Attractions in Las Vegas

    While Vegas usually brings to mind thoughts of opulence, grandeur and lots and lots of cash, doing Vegas on a budget does not exactly equal depravation. True, the idea of going to a gambling city with no cash could be quite a turn-off, but casinos […]

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  • Tips on Saving Money While Traveling

    Tips on Saving Money While Traveling

    There are many reasons to travel, and most people enjoy traveling frequently; however, there are a lot of related expenses to traveling; Transportation, lodging, food, activities, and time off work. The advent of the Internet has made travel affordable for many who otherwise could not […]

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  • When to Use Charter Buses versus Air Travel

    When to Use Charter Buses versus Air Travel

    Charter Buses are perfect for large groups. A bus, especially a charter bus rental, can be the best mode of transportation for a large group versus air travel or individual vehicles.

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