Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Travel

You’ve been shopping ’til you’re dropping. You’ve been baking until your sweet tooth is breaking. You’ve been stressed to the max and you need to relax.

And you also need to take several of your nearest and dearest with you to a special holiday destination. Lucky you!

42 person passenger with lounge chairBut before the relaxing and enjoying may commence, you need to get there. This means crowds at the airport. Taking off your coat, shoes, jewelry, and more for security (maybe even providing an even more thorough view of your new underwear for the TSA folks to enjoy in the full-body screening devices). Paying $10 for a $2 sandwich at the takeout counter. Jostling for overhead bin space. Pounding down Airborne in your bottle of water so that you don’t catch the cold of the five-year-old behind you. (He sneezes; he kicks the back of your seat. He coughs; he kicks the back of your seat.)

Well, so much for the chance to relax, right?


Why not take a bus to your holiday destination? Charter a bus with Cardinal Buses, Inc. and you, your friends and family can enjoy the trip as much as you’ll enjoy yourself once you arrive (well, almost as much….).

Cardinal buses travel throughout Michigan and Indiana to destinations throughout the Midwest. We can even take you and your group to Canada. Depending on your location, we can pick you up in one of our comfortable charter buses at the place of your choosing.

You can bring your own food and drinks aboard, even alcoholic beverages (so long as they come in cans only; no glass bottles or kegs.)

Want to sing Christmas carols the entire way? Go right ahead. Want to exchange gifts? Please do so! You can do just about anything (except bake cookies) you like on our buses, so long as the activity isn’t a danger to yourself or to our drivers. Just try having 30 of your nearest and dearest exchange gifts on a 737.

The holidays should be a time of cheer and togetherness. Come together on a Cardinal bus. You’ll be happy you did!