The Bus: A Brief History of Fun Facts

Charter buses have been around for a long time and have helped countless people get to and from destinations all over the world. Let’s take a look at the history of charter buses and other styles of these excellent transportation items:

  • During the 1820s, horse-drawn buses were used to get people from place to place. A few short years after, steam buses broke through in certain areas. Regular intercity bus services originated with steam-powered buses that were pioneered in England during the 1830s.
  • During the late 1800s, electric trolley buses first burst onto the scene, followed by internal combustion engine buses (motor buses).
  • Motor buses began growing in popularity in Siegerland, Germany, as two passenger bus lines started running. After a short run, however, a six-passenger motor carriage was developed from the 1893 Benz Viktoria. Motor buses were also involved with the first mass-produced style of bus as well: the iconic B-type double-decker bus. With the double-decker bus entering service in 1910, nearly 3,000 additional models were built by the end of that decade. This excellent form of transportation can still be found across London city streets.

Along with this historical information about charter buses and double-decker models, there are also plenty of interesting facts as well:

  • The modern yellow school bus chassis wasn’t designed until the 1930s and didn’t appear in the U.S. until 1939.
  • The term “bus” comes from the word “omnibus,” which harkens back to the name Omnes, a hatter whose shop was situated outside one of the first bus stations in France.
  • China is home to the world’s largest bus: the Neoplan Jumbocruiser which has three sections, five doors, and a 300-person capacity.

Though the future of the bus isn’t easy to predict as other forms of travel, it doesn’t look like this form of group travel is going away for a long, long time. Hybrid electric buses are making their way to mainstream travel and more innovative advancements could soon impact this bus travel industry as well.

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