The Classic Road Trip Gets a Modern Twist

New consumer polls show that old school trends are back and stronger than ever when it comes to traveling — okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. We aren’t voting for a return of the Volkswagen van just yet (well, some of us may be…). But a recent poll conducted by does show that America’s favorite road trip anthem is none other than some good old classic rock: Lynryd Skynryd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.” And this poll got us thinking — what about the rest of the vacation? Your Instagram account may be flooded every week with your friends’ favorite “Throwback Thursday” memories, but what if it’s possible to take something out of your past, make it even better, and have a second round of memories? What about taking a road trip?

There’s something about that open road that just makes you feel a little bit freer and little bit happier. Extra points if you don’t have to worry about driving. Triple points if your phone never runs out of juice and you have constant wi-fi access so that you can save all those gorgeous scenery photos up in the cloud (and maybe also post them to five different social media sites to make everyone jealous). What if we told you that all of this was possible, and you might even be able to feel like you’re riding in that classic VW van, too?

If you haven’t thought about taking a trip via coach bus transportation, this is your chance. Coach buses (also called charter buses) can be privately rented out by groups of passengers who want to get somewhere without the hassle of airports, train stations, and driving road rage. Modern buses often come with facilities like on board bathrooms and wi-fi access, making them perfect for traveling long distances without feeling like you’re losing touch with the rest of humanity. Coach buses are one of the most affordable ways to travel, and they’re also some of the safest vehicles on the road today, making a coach bus trip as stress-free as any vacation could possibly be. You get to spend more time with the people you love, and you get to see some of the country’s most beautiful sites, all without lifting a finger. A bus trip really is a case of classic fun meeting modern convenience.

And we aren’t saying that you’ll definitely be able to crank up Lynryd Skynryd while you’re out on the road, but we aren’t not saying that. After all, nothing beats a good classic.