Three Crazy Ways Buses Are Unlike Every Other Form of Transportation

3You have so many options available today when you’re traveling somewhere: trains and commuter rails, airplanes, boats, buses, bicycles, your car and your own two feet. Below, are a few things about the coach bus that make it one of the most popular, convenient, and smart ways to travel today.

  • In regards to environmental conservation, coach buses are definitely the leaders. Buses get more passenger miles to the gallon than any other vehicle (about 206 passenger miles per gallon, to be exact) and they release less carbon dioxide emissions than every other vehicle on the road. Compared to individual cars, coach buses are about seven times more fuel efficient.
  • A lot of attention is given to inter-city travel. Engineers are always looking for new ways to make public transit bus lines and chartered bus services more eco-friendly in stop-and-go traffic. There are thousands of Americans who don’t live anywhere close to a city — about 14.4 million Americans, to be specific, live in rural areas without accessibility to commercial transportation options like planes and trains. Thanks to charter bus lines, however, these Americans all have the ability to travel anywhere they want.
  • The coach bus industry plays a huge role in the American tourism industry. Even though there are some notable national bus lines, the majority of the coach bus industry is made up of about 3,400 individual, independent bus companies that collectively run over 33,000 buses. Furthermore, for every $1 spent in the coach bus industry, about $1.65 is generated for the country’s entire tourism industry.

To put it simply, every time you take a bus ride somewhere, you’re doing three things: you’re saving the environment, you’re supporting an industry that provides travel options for millions of Americans who would otherwise have no way to travel between cities, and you’re stimulating the economy by providing jobs for American workers in tons of different industries.