Three Economic Benefits of Buses

Buses have been one of the most popular forms of public transportation since the early 1800s, and it might seem surprising that nearly 200 years later, local bus services and charter bus lines are still often the preferred form of transportation for millions of Americans. Not only are modern coach buses affordable, eco-friendly, and easily accessible, but they also stimulate the country’s economy in a major way. By providing millions of passenger trips per year, coach bus lines generate billions of dollars of revenue for the tourism industry, provide countless jobs in a multitude of industries, and give Americans living in rural areas the opportunity to travel between cities. In fact,

    • Coach and charter bus services provide about 750 million passenger trips annually, and according to the American Bus Association, this number is growing every year. The coach bus industry grew by more than 7% from 2011 to 2012 alone, making it the fastest growing industry in the country.
    • Even though the coach bus industry sometimes seems dominated by high-profile bus lines, the majority of the industry is actually driven (pun not intended) by small businesses that are dedicated to providing affordable transportation, along with providing jobs for their small communities. There are about 3,400 individual businesses in the American coach bus industry, and these companies provide nearly 800,000 jobs collectively for American workers.
    • In terms of revenue, the coach bus industry is arguably one of the most important industries that provides even more sales revenue for other industries. First of all, because bus companies are so committed to reducing their carbon footprints and are willing to invest in advanced eco-friendly technologies, the entire auto industry, from manufacturers to engineers, benefits from continued partnerships with bus companies.
      Second of all, bus lines contribute to the American tourism industry by providing affordable transportation for millions of people — including about 14 million Americans living in rural areas who would otherwise be unable to travel between cities, due to the inaccessibility of planes and rail lines. For every $1 spent in the coach bus industry, about $1.65 of revenue is generated for the tourism industry, and just one coach bus trip can generate more than $11,000 for local economies due to lodging, food, and other travel expenses.

To put it simply, when you choose to travel by bus, you aren’t just choosing an affordable and comfortable method of travel. You’re also helping out the local and national economy, and you’re supporting numerous industries upon which American workers depend. Bet you didn’t realize you had so much influence with just one bus ticket!