Three Events Worth Chartering a Bus For

Have you ever considered renting a charter bus for a big event? While buses play a huge part in the tourism industry, many people also use charter bus services for when they’re not on vacation. Sometimes referred to as coaches, these buses convey passengers on any and all kinds of excursions.

While there are many amenities available on board, such as Wi-Fi and entertainment, the biggest advantage renting a charter bus affords is the ability to easily organize your group while providing great group bonding opportunities. Bus charters are hassle-free, ensuring that your group safely and simultaneously arrives at the destination, feeling both rested and relaxed. Here are just a few events you should consider renting a charter bus for!

  •  A Football Game 

Unless you live where the big game takes place, finding a way to get your whole group to the stadium together can be pretty challenging. Carpooling means that you’d have to wake up early, get everyone together at one place, decide who’s driving (which leaves those people out of any pre-trip festivities), and then struggle to find parking together. When renting a charter bus, everyone can simply show up to one person’s house, hop on the bus, throw some tailgating supplies under the bus and the party is good to go!


  • Traveling Conference Room

Many business sectors such as healthcare, education, investment, etc. require continuing education in order to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in training and technology.  Why not include some fun with the mundane and charter your own traveling conference room on board a charter bus!  You can save the expense of individual fuel expenses and have fun all at the same time!  Your traveling conference room (aka charter bus) can pick you up at a location of your choice and provide your trainer with a PA system to broadcast throughout the bus.  Many buses have a DVD system to view training materials – that and a couple cups of coffee and doughnuts later you have the required training hours in and you’ve arrived to your destination rested and ready to enjoy!  You could plan a shopping trip, ball game or a night out on the town as a benefit to your employees plus get in your required training hours.  Everyone wins!

  • Catching a flight. 

The only people who don’t love going on vacations with the whole family are the people who’ve experienced the hazards, perils and trials that come from navigating the airport. You have to haul luggage on and off vehicles and all throughout the airport, keep kids happy, and deal with parking in some obscure parking lot a half mile away. But by renting a charter bus, everyone can get picked up, have their luggage put on and taken off the bus, dropped off right at the airport departures terminal – arriving rested and refreshed, ready for the flight.

There are many other festive events that renting a charter bus can make easier to plan. These are only a few. If you have any more to suggest, or any questions about renting a charter bus, feel free to ask in the comments!