Tips on Saving Money While Traveling


There are many reasons to travel, and most people enjoy traveling frequently; however, there are a lot of related expenses to traveling; Transportation, lodging, food, activities, and time off work. The advent of the Internet has made travel affordable for many who otherwise could not afford to travel. It has made it easier to find discounts and to compare prices. In addition, a travel agent can save vacationers money, especially if traveling in groups, or if they don’t have the time to shop and compare.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Schedule

Traveling by car, bus, airplane, and train give vacationers options, depending on the time available, and the distance required for travel. Having a flexible departure date, going standby, or showing up at the last minute can save you money, as the majority of transportation providers want to fill all empty seats, even if they have to sell them at a lower price. Most airlines offer special fare rates, but most often have certain restrictions to the dates, seats, and flight destinations. Frequent fliers also receive discounted prices as a reward for flying with a carrier on a regular basis. The miles can often be redeemed free flights.

Use Alternate Transportation

Trains are awesome for travel if you want to see the country side and have more time to spend on your vacation. The upside is that your room travels with you, so you don’t have to pack and unpack your belongings at different destinations. A train is also limited to the type of food that will be available, since there is usually only one kitchen.

Buses are great for saving money or traveling inexpensively. Large groups usually get a discount as well. Buses can be chartered, so you can go exactly where you want to go. Charter buses are easier to stop for roadside attractions and detours to other site-seeing places encountered along the route. Money is also saved by the ability for travelers to take food and beverage on the bus.

Check Online for Discounts & Specials

There are also Internet specials offered by transportation providers, amusement centers, hotels, restaurants, etc. that vacationers can use to travel cheaper. Credit Unions and banks also offer reduced fares to vacation destinations.

If taking your own auto or RV, there are tools to help you travel cheaply; phone applications can direct you to the cheapest gas, hotels, and restaurants for the area. Gas Buddy is a great APP for finding the cheapest gasoline. It has options to look within the immediate area, and to specify the type of gas your vehicle requires.

The best way to travel cheaply is to set a budget. Be flexible with your travel dates, and mode of transportation. Plan the trip as far in advance as possible, and do some homework on the Internet to find cheap rates. Book your travel as a group when possible. Do not be afraid to use discount coupons. Ask friends who have traveled to the same destinations for tips, and tourist pitfalls. If you are planning a day-long excursion for a group, let Cardinal Buses handle your transportation to and from the event.

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