What You Can and Can’t Bring for Your Charter Bus Trip

Chartering a bus

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Many people use charter buses on a daily basis for many different reasons. College students use them to travel home for the holidays, senior citizens use them to head to the casino with a group of their friends, and families use them to get to the beach for their winter getaway. Surprisingly, the majority of long-distance, many-hour trips are taken by women. It’s clear that the length of trips can range anywhere from just under one hour to many, many hours.

There are so many things to think about when going on a trip using a charter bus. You have to think about charter bus rental prices, how long it’s going to take to get to your destination, and what you’re going to bring. If you’re going on an especially long trip, there’s a chance you’re going to get hungry, tired, and bored. Of course, those feelings are expected if you plan to sit on a charter bus for those excessively long trips.

Like on planes and trains, there are things that you can and can’t bring onto charter buses to keep yourself fed, occupied, and awake. Let’s take a look, first, at what you cannot bring.

What NOT to Bring

If you get hungry, bringing food with you on your carry on will help satisfy your taste buds. However, since you’re going to be on a bus full of other people that you may or may not know, it’s important to be considerate of everyone around you. You don’t want to bring anything that might smell bad while you eat it like fish or Thai food. Stay away from things that can go bad after being left out for a period of time like milk or mayonnaise.

If you think you’re going to get bored, bring some items that can help pass the time. However, be careful of what you’re bringing. If you’re going to bring a game, make sure it doesn’t have a lot of pieces that can roll away from you while the bus is moving. Don’t bring anything that makes a lot of noise, unless it has a headphone port.

What You CAN Bring

Some suggested snacks are string cheese, individually packed pretzels, raw vegetables, and rice cakes. If you want to bring something in a reusable container, that’s fine. But just remember that if you choose to do that, you won’t be able to throw the container away after use like you would with a disposable bowl.

When you get bored, feel free to pull out your laptop, DVD’s, tablet, books, or magazines. Be sure to bring your chargers for any electronic devices you may be using so that if they run low on battery, you can easily recharge them.

If you feel like resting a bit, you may want to bring a neck pillow, a small blanket, or even an eye mask.

Whether you’re taking a short trip or a long trip, it’s important that you know what you can and can’t bring onto the charter bus in your carry on. Be prepared, but also be considerate of others around you.

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