When to Use Charter Buses versus Air Travel

While air travel can get you to a destination quickly and sometimes cheaply, there are other modes of transportation that should be considered depending on the desired need and outcome. For instance, a charter bus can be a great way to travel if time is not as important, or you want to be able to see the country side. It is also a great way to travel for those that have a fear of flying. (Sports Commentator John Madden chartered a bus to all of the NFL games he did TV commentary, due to his fear of flying.)

Charter Buses are Perfect for Large Groups

A bus, especially a charter bus rental, can be the best mode of transportation for a large group. For instance in business- a company may rely on bus transport a large group of employees to a destination to save money, and to be sure all arrive on time. For the vacationer or sightseer, a bus can be the most relaxing and cheapest way to travel to destinations that airplanes cannot reach, such as smaller towns, mountain areas, and remote locations.

Travel In Luxury – At Your Own Pace

There are many benefits to traveling by charter bus. The first has already been mentioned: it’s a great way to move a large group of people. Another is an opportunity to take in the view of the surrounding areas during the travel. Buses are also self-contained. Everything you need is on board: toilets, hand sanitizer, & more.  There is a place to store your immediate luggage, camera, jackets- AND your luggage is on board with you, while out of the way in exterior luggage compartments. This can come in handy if you accidentally spill on your clothes, or need a bathing suit for an excursion. Your belongings are with you so you don’t miss out on any opportunity because you didn’t pack a particular item.  And lastly, traveling via charter bus can be much cheaper than traveling by airplane.

Cardinal Buses - Thank You Artwork

Cardinal Buses - Thank You Artwork

Buses can also provide a relaxed atmosphere so that you can take a nap, each a snack, watch TV. Buses usually provide a lot more room between you and the person both in front of and beside you. This gives you more room to stretch and spread out your belongings without disturbing the people near you. Most charter buses have a knowledgeable guide onboard who can give you information about the area and the sites you see.

Charter Buses are Flexible with Your Schedule

Charter buses are more apt to delay departure if someone is missing, or late for the bus. They can make impromptu stops to unscheduled areas if the person overseeing the group decides to detour.  An airline has to stick to time schedules and will not wait for late passengers. This can turn out to be a huge vacation or travel spoiler, as the next flight can be hours or days later.

Not Just for Large Groups

Most of the talk so far has been about groups of people; however, if you are traveling as a couple, or individually, charter buses can also be a great way to get around. Several sightseeing tours are planned for singles who are seeking companionship. Others are set up to accommodate people traveling alone. Since the bus books activities and accommodations as s group, it is usually much cheaper than booking on your own and can save you money that can be used for purchasing souvenirs or paying for other extracurricular expenses. Check out the possibilities for charter bus travel next time you take a trip. You may be surprised at the savings, and the destinations you can see.