Why Buses Are an Important Part of the Green Movement

One thing that people are becoming increasingly preoccupied with is the effect of human action on the environment, especially when it comes to transportation. Even if a person is not terribly concerned with conserving resources and protecting the environment, transportation can become really expensive, so looking for more cost effective options and saving money is still important. There are more and more technologies and options out there that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly, and buses are one of them.

The earliest form of buses were used in the 1820s and were horse-drawn, but buses have come a long way since then. The iconic yellow school bus debuted in 1939, and nowadays charter buses, public transportation buses and more populate American streets and highways. One of the most obvious benefits of taking advantage of vehicles like charter buses is to transport a large group of people all at one, which means that there are fewer individual cars on the road.

Charter buses also get better passenger miles per gallon of fuel. They typically get over 206 passenger MPGs, compared with commuter rail which gets 92 passenger MPGs, domestic air carriers which get 44 passenger MPGs, and individual passenger cars which get 27 passenger MPGs. The less fuel used per passenger means that less fuel and resources are used. Additionally, something like chartering a bus means that fewer individual vehicles there are on the road which means less harmful emissions are released into the environment.

There is also an increasing interest in using electric and hybrid technologies for buses. These use the same technologies that hybrid and electric cars do. All electric vehicles are not as popular on the market, but hybrids are, which use two power sources. As opposed to traditional combustion vehicles, hybrids use an electric battery with regenerative braking in addition to gasoline. Regenerative braking means than when the driver uses the brakes, a portion of the energy goes back into the electric battery.

Whether you’re looking to travel solo or with a large group of people, you might want to choose to charter a bus or take a public one to save yourself some money and the environment from some emissions. You should find bus companies in your area to see running times, locations, and options for group rates.