Why Charter Bus Services Are ‘Driving’ the Future of Tourism

Charter bus services have long been hailed as the ideal way of transporting multiple passengers at once, without charging each passenger a small fortune and without creating energy waste for the environment. Charter buses originally looked a lot like carriages, since the first small charter buses were actually created in the 1820s and were drawn by horses!

The charter bus industry has definitely come a long way since then, although the concept behind coach bus companies is still the same: provide an affordable method of transportation and make sure that passengers arrive at their final destination happy, satisfied with thier journey, and on time.

An unintended — but positive — result of this dedication and professionalism is that charter bus services now make up a very valuable sector of the tourism industry. In fact, it’s possible that charter bus services are just as important to the passengers themselves as to the towns and cities across the country that the buses pass through!

Consider these statistics: Between 2011 and 2012, the number of passenger trips on charter bus services grew by 7.5%. That means, according to the American Bus Association, that this service grew faster than any other sector in the transportation industry. With over 3,400 bus companies in the U.S. today operating over 33,000 individual vehicles, there are tons of new jobs created each year for valuable workers.

For local economies, charter bus lines are just as valuable. One charter bus can actually bring $11,600 into a local economy if it brings a bus-load of passengers to stay for just one night — between lodging, food, and entertainment, there are tons of businesses that benefit from the influx of consumers. Overall, every $1 invested into the charter bus industry generates about $1.65 of additional revenue for other industries along the way. With around $1.2 billion invested into charter bus tours each year, this is a lot of revenue that other industries bring in!

Affordability and comfort will probably always be your top concerns when picking out how to travel, but when you travel by bus, you can also be sure that you’re helping plenty of local economies along the way.