Why Not Charter a Bus For Your Next Trip?

The next time you’re planning a trip, consider how your method of transportation will impact your overall experience. Do you want to think of your trip and remember how much time you spent cramped and frustrated in the aisle seat of an airplane, or do you want to see the countryside go by in an amazing panorama from a comfortable seat with plenty of leg room? By utilizing Cardinal local charter buses, you can plan a trip that is as memorable as well as comfortable. Here are just a few of the perks you can expect when you choose to charter a coach bus.

Efficiency – Charter buses can achieve over 206 passenger miles to the gallon, which compares to 44 MPG for the average domestic air carrier. They also beat single passenger automobiles, which only get around 27 MPG. This makes coach buses an efficient way to travel, reducing CO2 with 3 times the efficiency of commuter rails or transit buses. Imagine being able to contribute to saving the planet just with your method of travel!

Comfort – Coach buses have the available seating to fit your whole tour group, while offering climate controlled comfort and lots of leg room. You’ll be able to travel easy knowing that you could stop off at any location along the way and see the sights without the hassle of transportation stations.

Ease – Local charter buses can offer you a great way to travel with maximum efficiency and minimal costs. You can charter a bus for many group occasions including work retreats and family reunions. No matter what, you’ll know that you’re traveling with the easiest method of travel, and one of the most popular! 751,000,000 annual passenger trips can’t be wrong.

Plan your next trip today with Cardinal Buses!