Why Should You Travel on a Charter Bus?

When you plan a trip, travel is 50% of the game. If you have a miserable travel experience, chances are it’s going to impact the rest of your trip as well. So for your next trip, look into how to charter a bus! With more than 751,000,000 motorcoach passenger trips taken every year, you know that charter buses are a popular choice. But why else should you travel on a charter bus? Here are just a few reasons:

Better views – When you travel by plane, many people hope and pray that they get a window seat, and even then, you’re limited to just one view of your travels. With charter buses, you get amazing panoramic views of the route to your destination, all with additional leg room, air conditioning, and even wifi.

Better value – For a fraction of the cost of an airplane ticket, you’ll get all of the perks of a coach bus, along with the benefits of a more efficient trip. Motorcoaches offer 206.6 passenger miles for every gallon of fuel, while the average car only gets 27.2 passenger miles per gallon. Comfortable and cost-efficient!

More fun! – Whether it’s a family reunion or a tour group, charter buses can ensure that you have the trip you want with the people you want. When traveling by train or plane, there’s no guarantee that you and your colleagues will be able to travel together. With a charter bus, you can have as many as 50 people all in the same place, enhancing your community and your trip.

With adults and young adults making up 49.9% of 2012’s passenger trips, it’s clear that the charter bus is becoming the most popular, fun way to travel. So enjoy the ride and book your next trip on a charter bus!