Why You Should Charter a Bus For Your Next Trip?

Chartering a BusThink back to your first years of school. Waiting anxiously to greet all of your favorite classmates on the bus. For years, the bus was a place of community comfort with the knowledge that you’d be getting where you needed to go, and you’d get there together.

Now more than ever, you can travel comfortably on a coach bus to nearly any destination, and you can bring your whole community with you. Some coach buses seat more than 50 people! Over 751,000,000 trips annually are taken by motor coach, and 49.9% of passenger trips were made by adults and young adults, no doubt taking advantage of the climate control travel (that is, air conditioning). Additionally, motor coaches have reclining seats and WiFi, so you can relax with an ebook, surf the net, or take a nap.

The benefits of bus travel are numerous, but one of the greatest things about buses are their efficiency. A motor coach can achieve 206.6 passenger miles for every gallon of fuel. The average car only achieves 27.2 passenger miles per gallon. This makes the value of your trip at least 10 times more efficient than if you had to drive yourself! Why waste the time, money, and effort, when you could just go along for the ride?

From 2011 to 2012, passenger bus travel in the U.S. increased by 7.5%. This makes bus travel the fastest growing form of travel in the country! With the ease, comfort, and value of coach bus travel, it just makes sense to plan your next trip by chartering a bus. It’ll make you feel just like a kid again.