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Why Cardinal?


Just like your favorite pizza shop, Cardinal Buses delivers. (We pick up, too!) You don't have to worry about coordinating and organizing your group of travelers and making sure long lines of vans and cars are on time and staying together. We'll come and get you in your motorcoach and when the trip is over, we'll drop you off, door-to-door, making Cardinal Buses the perfect choice for groups needing Chicago airport transportation.

Whether you're taking a charter bus tour or are transporting a sports team going to the big game, a group of business colleagues heading to a convention, kids on a school field trip or friends out for the day, Cardinal Buses will come and get you all - at the airport or hotel or any other location of your choice.

Cardinal Buses Field Trips

According to the American Bus Association, "Motorcoaches are the most fuel-efficient transportation mode in North America." It's true! At Cardinal Buses, we offer competitive seasonal pricing so you can choose which time of year will best fit your budget and let you specify the size of the bus as well, giving you even more control of where your money goes. We set our charter bus tour prices based on several factors, all of which you can choose from and create the type of trip that is perfect for you and your friends, family, students or coworkers. We can help you figure out the most cost-effective option for the group you're traveling with, making planning Chicago airport transportation, or any other kind of trip, much less stressful.

With many other motorcoach companies, a lot of the details and leg work are left up to you, but at Cardinal Buses, we want the preparation and planning of your trip to be as worry-free as the trip itself. Simply call us for a no-obligation quote, tell us about your plans and we'll tell you the best way to design a trip that everyone will be sure to love!