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Why Cardinal?

The Top Sightseeing Spots on Notre Dame Bus Tours

Notre Dame, Indiana is renowned as the college football mecca of the US but surprisingly, there is also an abundance of non-football related activities to enjoy in and around Notre Dame. Taking a Notre Dame bus tour is the most relaxing and convenient way to enjoy your trip to the campus.

The University of Notre Dame

When it comes to Notre Dame bus trips, the first destination that comes to mind is the University of Notre Dame. Although it is an educational site, the University of Notre Dame is home to several interesting religious attractions and an abundance of artwork. Daily tours of the Notre Dame campus are offered, allowing visitors to further understand Notre Dame's athletic and religious traditions.

One of the University of Notre Dame's most famous attractions is its stadium. The Notre Dame Stadium has a seating capacity of over 80,000 and is one of the top sporting venues in the US. Try to catch Notre Dame bus tours in the fall when there is a football game scheduled so you can experience college football at its finest.

Also on the University of Notre Dame's campus is Snite Museum, one of the best university art museums in the US. Snite Museum features 18,000 exhibits and includes a large religious collection. Representing major periods in art history, the exhibits at Snite Museum are enough to satisfy even the most demanding of art aficionados. Notre Dame bus trips stop at the University of Notre Dame for extended periods, allowing you to take a leisurely stroll through this fine museum and view its fascinating art work at your own pace.

Studebaker Mansion and Tippecanoe Place

 Tippecanoe Place - Cardinal Buses

Registered as a National Historic Place by the US Dept of Interior and located in historic South Bend. Clement Studebaker’s home is the embodiment of great wealth in the late 1800’s.  The gracious spirit of the past still thrives throughout the mansions expansive rooms, distinctive fireplaces and handcrafted woods.  You are invited to tour and enjoy the casual elegance of Tippecanoe Place.   They offer lunch and dinner packages for tour groups.  Visit www.tippe.com or phone number 574-234-9077 to make your reservation today.

The Northern Indiana Center for History

For history buffs that are planning to take Notre Dame bus trips, the Northern Indiana Center for History is a must-see. The Northern Indiana Center for History is housed in a stately Victorian mansion and gives visitors a comprehensive overview of Notre Dame history and the history of the St. Joseph River Valley. The museum complex also features a children's museum, making it an ideal destination for family members of all ages.

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