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Why Cardinal?

Charter Bus Travel to Popular Indiana and Michigan Destinations


One of Cardinal Buses' most popular tour destinations is Sturgis, a city located in St. Joseph County, Michigan. Sturgis is popular for its Sturgis-Young Civic Center and Auditorium which caters to the city's numerous special events needs.

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Michigan City

Riding Cardinal's Michigan City charter bus, one can then move on to discover the many interesting secrets of Michigan City. Located on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, it houses the Old Lighthouse Museum as well as other interesting historical and specialized museums and zoos. A Michigan City charter bus can take visitors around the city where they can enjoy various forms of entertainment such as trips to Splash Down Dunes Waterpark.

Michigan City East Pierhead Lighthouse


A Mishawaka bus company can then take visitors to the "Princess City". Visitors will enjoy Mishawaka city's old fashioned neighborhoods. Beutter Park, Mishawaka's newest park, has an elliptical-shaped and underwater lighted river race. A Mishawaka bus company can show visitors the rest of the city's attractions.

Fort Wayne

The next stop over is Fort Wayne, Indiana's second largest city. Visitors will enjoy taking part in the city's various festivals. After Fort Wayne, visitors can then join one of the many St. Joseph Michigan tour groups Touring the city, visitors will find the Lake Bluff Park; the interesting sculptures and park benches of Margaret B. Upton Arboretum; the St. Joseph Lighthouse; and, of course, magnificent Lake Michigan. St. Joseph Michigan tour groups also give visitors the opportunity to explore various works of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

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Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Then a Kalamazoo charter bus company takes visitors around the city's theaters and museums. Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College are some of the city's most popular educational institutions. The city is known for its college-town influence and as a center for the arts. The Kalamazoo charter bus company may also take visitors a little further so they can enjoy the marvelous Grand Rapids.

Clocktower at Western Michigan University


For visitors who want to experience the Dutch life, they only need to hop on a Holland charter bus and voila, there they are in Dutch town! Holland, Michigan offers a variety of interesting recreational activities and attractions and is most popular for its snowmelt system which keeps the streets dry during winter. Take a Holland charter bus and enjoy the city's various special events and activities scattered throughout the year.

Tulips in Holland, Michigan