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Charter a Bus

Why Charter Buses?

Before you book your next or your first Cardinal Charter Bus trip, here are some simple facts that can help you to create a memorable and fun charter bus trip. Please check out the five W's (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) of charter buses:

    • WHO: Today, chartered buses are available for everyone -- from seniors in tour groups to children on field trips. They offer comfort and style that are not found in other modes of ground transportation. The Cardinal Charter Bus difference allows everyone to travel easily!
    • WHAT: Charter buses have been in use since the 1820s, although back then, they were horse-drawn rather than automotive. Our modern Cardinal charter buses have a number of features that help everyone travel comfortably and with modern day convenience on a bus. From supportive reclining seats and climate control to amenities like movies and WiFi, the benefits of chartering a bus are clear.

      Who, What, Where

    • WHERE: Our motor coaches can travel to just about anywhere in the continental United States and throughout North America depending upon the trip you have booked. Our smaller charter buses are a simple, cost-effective alternative to traveling than in a convoy of cars, by letting everyone on the trip stay together and arrive at the destination at the same time.
    • WHEN: Whether it's for a scheduled tour or a private vacation, chartering a bus is an ideal option any time of the year. Give us a call and schedule your charter bus trip today! Then you can hit the road and go in style to your destination.
    • WHY: Why choose Cardinal chartered buses for your next trip? If comfort, convenience, and cost all factor into your travel decisions, then chartering a bus with your group is the way to go.


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