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Airport Transportation To and From Chicago's Airports

Constant modernization of facilities and upgrading of services have allowed passengers the luxury of moving from one airport to another in a hassle-free manner. Airport transportation services also allow passengers on a tight budget to travel to and from airports in a more convenient and cheaper way. Cardinal Buses Offers Sheer Comfort in Airport Transportation!

O'Hare Chicago Airport Transportation

Chicago's O'Hare Airport is the busiest in the state. Chicago buses often shuttle passengers to and from the airport. O'Hare has a Bus/Shuttle Center located at the ground floor of its elevated parking garage. It can easily be accessed by passing through tunnels from Terminals 1, 2 and 3. The terminals are connected by a "people mover" system aptly called Airport Transit System (ATS).

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O'Hare Chicago airport transportation has charter services with drop-off points at the airport's departure-level curb. Cardinal Buses will pick up charter bus groups at this bus/shuttle center as well as at each terminal baggage claim area (lower level) in the regional bus lane (second lane out from curb). The bus will be located at the far right of the terminal when facing out of the terminal. A shuttle that transfers passengers from O'Hare to Chicago Midway International Airport is also available.

Midway Chicago Airport Transportation

The second busiest airport in Chicago is the Chicago Midway International Airport. Chicago buses also shuttle or charter passengers to and from the airport on a regular basis. The airport's Bus/Shuttle Center is located in front of the main terminal building. This is where the Midway Chicago airport transportation operates its charter services for passengers. The center is the designated pickup area. Like the O'Hare Chicago airport transportation, airport-to-airport transfer is also available. Charter Bus pick-up is at the Bus Shelter located at the lower level, between doors 3 and 4. If you walk across lanes you will find the regional bus area - where a Cardinal bus can be arranged to pick you up.

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Bus Trips to Chicago & Other Chicago Airport Transportation

Another busy airport is the Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD). Although at this time, there is no direct transportation service available from Chicago's downtown area or from O'Hare to RFD, the airport has several airline services for passengers who want to be dropped off at pickup points by certain Chicago buses. Cardinal Buses will gladly arrange to pick your group up from this location or transfer you from this airport to any other location.

So no matter which airport a traveler chooses, Cardinal Buses is always ready to extend full transportation services to Chicago visitors. For those who aren't apt to fly, bus trips to Chicago also make a viable option for arrival or passing through. It's the most convenient, safe, and practical way.