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Why Cardinal?

Indiana Bus Charters for Church Groups

Indiana bus charters are a terrific way for churches to take their members to the many different events and places that church groups attend.

Joining a church is a fabulous way for families, couples, and singles to get together with like-minded people. In fact, church-based youth groups are a wonderful way for young people to have fun with peers in a safe, comfortable environment.

Cardinal Buses, Inc. will transport your Indiana church groups in a safe, comfortable environment, as well. Our buses are helmed by experienced, professional drivers. A growing number of our buses are offering seatbelts as well, for added safety and peace of mind.. All of our buses also provide your church members with a clean and comfortable restroom, as well as DVD players for in-ride entertainment.

Looking to Indiana bus charters to take your church group to camp? Your travelers are welcome to bring food and drinks aboard. We just ask that they bring cans only, as glass bottles are not permitted.

Cardinal Buses 24 passenger at church

Your church youth groups will appreciate the fact that we offer buses equipped with electric outlets. This makes using and recharging laptops, iPods, video games and other electronic devices a cinch. On top of that, some of our buses also offer wireless Internet access. Unfortunately, not all of our Indiana charter bus coaches have these amenities, so be sure to reserve your coach as far in advance as possible if having these features on your bus is important to you.

Church bus charters for retreats are an especially good idea because your trip participants can get into "retreat mode" as soon as they sit on the bus. Our public address system allows your group's leaders to speak to everyone on the bus, getting them in the proper frame of mind as they travel to the retreat site.

In addition, retreat goers need not worry about driving for hours themselves. They may pray or meditate on the retreat's purpose while riding on the church bus charter to the retreat. Your members will be relaxed and in the correct frame of mind as soon as they arrive at your retreat destination.

Cardinal Buses at National Shrine