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Why Cardinal?

Cardinal Charter Bus Drivers are Greener Than Ever!

Cardinal Buses is very proud to announce that our drivers have just recently completed the Certification for Sustainable Transportation (CST). Our drivers went through the CST's EcoDriver and Idle Free Certification Programs and our vehicles have also been certified and have received an eRating.

The Certification for Sustainable Transportation (CST) is a mission-driven non-for-profit program housed at the University of Vermont to help reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions, increase energy efficiency, and to promote the use of alternative fuels and new technologies.

Cardinal Buses and its employees began the process to have its vehicles and drivers certified drivers have completed the CST's EcoDriver and Idle Free training courses. The driver training courses teach drivers an array of EcoDriving practices as well as how to avoid unnecessary idling. These programs can help drivers save fuel and reduce the environmental impacts of their vehicles.

Each qualifying vehicle in the company’s fleet received an eRating certification based on a variety of environmental criteria. Cardinal is and always has been concerned about the impact on the immediate community and the world’s environment. We strive to be leader in every way possible in the charter bus industry.

The certification is a timely and costly endeavor, but Cardinal Buses knows the difference between mediocrity and excellence and what that can mean in the travel industry. From safety requirements to environmental concerns, Cardinal Buses strives to be the model of change for the charter bus industry. See for yourself what the Cardinal difference means to our passengers, community and nation.