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Cardinal Buses on Agricultural Tour

At Cardinal Buses Inc. we care about how you travel and we want you to make plans that fit your tastes and interests perfectly, which is why we're willing to work within the plans you've already made for a charter bus tour. Contact your favorite travel agent or tour agency and design a trip that fits you perfectly - whether it is just down the street or all the way across the U.S. Then, once you have your plans in hand, you or your travel agent can contact Cardinal Buses to provide the transportation to get you to your ultimate destination safely and efficiently.

For your group travel plans or even if you choose to ride with us as an individual or in a small, more intimate group, you can plan your trip with a professional travel agency or through your business and we will work with you to accommodate your transportation needs from pick up to drop off. When you or your travel agent charter a bus with Cardinal Buses, all you have to worry about is which seat to choose once you're on board. We will provide you with pick-up and drop-off services at your charter bus tour destination and do everything in our power to ensure you have a comfortable, pleasant trip to and from your destination and all points in between. Cardinal Buses is also a great choice if you're planning a field trip in Indiana, Michigan or Illinois.

Cardinal Buses Field Trips

You can charter a bus with Cardinal Buses and take advantage of coupons and special offers from some of the local attractions we frequent on our charter bus tours. We're proud to have a range of services to offer and we want to help you have the best trip ever, whether you go alone or with a group of your friends, co-workers or family. Welcome aboard!