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According to the American Bus Association, 631 million people travel by motorcoach each year because charter bus rentals are one of the most convenient, cost effective and comfortable ways to travel. The United Motorcoach Association says, "There's no more economical way to travel. Period." Charter bus services have kept up with some of the newest and most popular trends available on other forms of transportation such as on-board movies and plug-ins for computers and other technologies. With all of the modern conveniences plus the added bonus of grounded safety, worry-free transit and door-to-door services, a motorcoach is still cheaper than most other forms of transportation available. 

Cardinal Buses alongside cranberry marsh in WI


Unlike other forms of travel, charter bus rentals offer group rates and give passengers a number of choices as to the level of luxury and amenities putting them head and shoulders above other Chicago buses that tour the city. Charter bus rentals typically charge based on the number of miles you're traveling or how many hours you will be on the motorcoach. This allows you the option of building a trip exactly around your budget, rather than breaking it with expensive travel on airplanes or trains.


Charter bus rentals, like the ones at Cardinal Buses, place a great emphasis on remaining at the top of the industry for safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that fatal car accidents are almost 1000 more times likely to occur than accidents of the same kind in a motorcoach. Unlike airplanes, charter bus drivers are not allowed to operate buses for more than 10 hours a day, so your charter bus driver will always be alert and aware, drastically reducing the risk of accidents during travel. Cardinal Buses takes safety a step further than most, requiring professional licensure and consistent, timely maintenance of all vehicles, making us the safest option for Chicago buses.


Unlike other forms of travel, you do not need to make plans to ride a charter bus months in advance to get the best prices. Although reservations are recommended for group tours and long distances, you can have the convenience of a charter bus ride right at your fingertips, just a phone call away. One of the biggest conveniences of traveling on a motorcoach is door-to-door service.