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Why Cardinal?

Traveling with Cardinal Buses Is an Eco-Friendly Way to Go

If you're planning a long distance trip and believe you must take a plane to get there, think again! Riding on charter bus lines is less expensive and it's gentler on the environment.

Planes emit more carbon dioxide per person than any other form of man-made transportation. In addition, the planes emit this gas in one of the worst places for the planet -- high up in the sky.

So if you're looking for an eco-friendly means of getting from here to there, consider taking the bus. If you and a group of friends wish to go somewhere together, hiring one of the many charter bus lines available to take you to your destination really goes a long way towards helping keep greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum.

In fact, the Tufts Climate Commission reports that taking a bus (or train) reduces one's carbon footprint three to seven times over flying.

As opposed to battling the crowds and the long security lines and buying the overpriced airport food, traveling on charter bus lines is an easy, stress-free, and cost effective mode of travel. All you need to do is arrive at either the bus terminal or the location where you've told the company to pick up you and your fellow travelers, climb aboard the coach, sit back in one of our reclining seats, and relax.

All of our charter buses are equipped with clean restrooms. All of our buses come with DVD players and reclining seats for added comfort. In addition, some or our buses have electric outlets for laptops, iPods, hand-held video games and other small electronic devices. Some of our coaches also have wireless connections so that you and your fellow travelers may surf the Web on your laptops.

As for eating and drinking, you may bring your own food and drinks (including alcoholic beverages) onboard our vehicles. You may bring food from home or stop by an inexpensive sandwich shop for lunch or dinner. All we ask is that you keep our buses tidy (we'll provide trash bags) and that you only bring canned beverages aboard (no glass containers or kegs).

So for your next trip, book with Cardinal Buses who can get you and your friends where you want to go in an economical, comfortable, and eco-friendly manner.

Download a comparison of green modes of travel.