Air Travel Verses Charter Bus Lines: 7 Reasons

Planning a trip to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention this July? Organizing a Chicago college tour for your high school students? Or maybe you’re organizing a mission for your church’s youth group this summer?

Then charter bus rentals are the most cost effective and comfortable form of transportation available in the Great Lakes region today. But, of course, you would expect charter bus companies to say that. So don’t take our word for it, let’s look at the numbers from the Department of Transportation. During a busy year, intercity charter bus lines account for about 751 million passenger trips and go back and forth with air travel for the number one form of transportation in the country.

And according to the DOT, “intercity bus travel expanded at a steady pace between 2010 and 2014. During this period, the number of intercity bus operations, which include conventional and discount city-to-city bus operations, grew 13.2 percent.” That rise continues today.

So why are Americans ditching commercial airlines for charter bus lines instead?

    1. Comfort: Fuel costs are low and airline profits are high, yet traveling on a plane is practically a form of torture. Passengers who choose charter bus rentals get reclining seats, free TVs, and DVD players, spacious bathrooms, and climate control options.
    2. Custom Itineraries: Rather than making two layovers just to get a two-hour car ride away from your destination, charter bus lines can go exactly where you need them to go.
    3. No Delays: Unlike air travel, tour groups with a chartered bus control the logistics of their trip on their terms. They pick the date, time, and pace of travel from start to finish.
    4. Family Friendly: If you’ve ever tried to shepherd a few kids through airport security and onto the plane, you know exactly what we mean. For school groups, youth sports teams, and similar tour groups, the hassles grow exponentially with every extra child in your party. Not so with charter bus rentals.
    5. Overweight Passengers: Motorcoaches are much more accommodating for overweight passengers, who must suffer through air travel every step of the way. The best motorcoach companies also offer ADA accessible charter buses as well.
    6. No Hidden Fees:┬áMost charter bus companies won’t try and charge you five bucks just to use headphones or charge your phone. Enjoy WiFi on a bus without giving up a credit card number.
    7. No Checked Bags: Ever lost a checked bag that you paid $100 in baggage fees for? With motorcoach bus transportation your bags go where you go, and you always know exactly where they are.

For all these reasons and more, it’s no wonder that the number of Google searches for terms like ‘bus companies near me’ have shot up in recent years. For passengers traveling on a budget, with a lot of young children or students, overweight travelers, or passengers in wheelchairs, charter bus lines are the obvious choice in 2016.

Just remember that not all bus companies are created equally. In fact, many inexpensive charter buses are run by operators with drivers that may not be experienced. That’s why it’s crucial to hire reputable charter bus companies like Cardinal Buses, which is an approved motorcoach carrier for the Department of Defense.